Where has the cat gone?

Posted 02 Aug 2013

Now that the blog has been up for a couple of weeks, the one thing that I hear from the (few) people who have visited the site, is that there is a serve lack of an image of a cat dozing in the sun. I have tried experimenting with a few different ways to incorporate the cat image back, but alas without success. So for those who want the cat, the best I can do is include the picture with this post. Maybe once I get my long forgotten drawing tablet out again, I'll turn it into logo? Who knows...

Hello Jekyll, goodbye Wordpress!

Posted 02 Jul 2013

This is the first post of many? Migrating from a frankly terrible stock WordPress install to a Jekyll generated static site. The few posts that have every graced the light of day are slowly being migrated into this site. In addition (if I ever get round to it) I will be completely overhalling how everything looks. The current iteration is simply for me to get to grips with how Jekyll works. For those who may not have seen the old one, here's a screenshot for comparison.

Conway’s Game of Life

Posted 16 Jun 2012

This is a simple implementation of the Game of Life in Java. I coded this because I wanted something quick and simple to implement as I have been working recently and didn’t have time to work on anything large. You can download a executable jar here to try it out. Or you can find a video of the program running.

Android Fractal Explorer

Posted 16 Jun 2012

Hello again! Since I realise that it has been a significant since my first semester exams and first post. Its about time I finally post some updates! This is what I would consider to be my first piece of proper Android code though I had a crash course at DevXS hack weekend and contributed to the creation of Intr; the code I produced whilst fuelled with muffins, tea and a general lack of sleep would not have won any awards (well maybe the “What was I doing here?” award).

System.out.println(“Hello World”);

Posted 12 Jan 2012

Hi. This is going to be a development blog of sorts for my future programming endeavours plus anything that happens to grab my attention. I guess a quick introduction is in order. My name is Gen-Nam and I’m currently a student at Southampton University studying Computer Science. I am looking at doing some Android development once the exams are over so that’ll probably come up quite often in the near future.